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These buildings can be installed

Both on pillars, in the case of land that have large differences in level, but also on common foundation slates,continue with heights made by designer but at least 50cm .

Joinery Assembly

During fitting kit

You are running electrics necessary cut-outs of the doors and windows, in accordance with draft, which we ll be fitting at the stage of execution of finishing, depending on the type of joiner used.

Assembly KIT

Due preparation and execution

in the factory,the mounting of a kit can run into a relatively short time, about 3 to 5 days, the catching of the Foundation shall be made by fasteners.

Electrical Installations

Fitting electrical installations

Shall be made by an authorised team , as these teams are not always prepared to work in wood , we execute the cable routes and the holes from the appliance.

Fitting Roof

Proper Direction

Composed of sport of it calculate particular, together with astereala concerned, shall enter in our task, on request -reward plugging and covering of tiles or other material.

Sanitary Installations

Sanitary installations

It shall be carried out both during the course of the Foundation, but especially during the execution of finishings, circuits passing through the channels particular efecutate by logs, during fitting
  •         With an experience of more than 20 years in the technology log homes( round wooden houses ), building houses wood structure, construction in technology log framme, I offer consulting services on the development of projects of architecture , the resistance as well as how to carry out the construction of this houses, holiday homes,houses residence,hotelsin wood built in technologies log homes, American type structure and log framme.

Team Monolit House Invest SRL

Negot Lucian
General Manager
Monolit House Invest SRL

Negot Lucian Lucian General Manager is the one who started the draft of this business, that which ensures contractile, technical solutions and check all the time execution mode.

Despa Ionut
Chief Manufacturing
Monolit House Invest SRL

Despa Ionut Chief manufacturing, is the one who is in charge of carrying out at the factory, and the fitting of solid wood construction, and which supervises the execution personnel.

Our Staff

Our staff It learned from my father in son to love and comply with wood. Wood from which to run these buildings, for us is like a baby, which you should have modelam, exactly the way that you can enjoy it, the moment you "Forgive them a house