Eco-friendly living

We offer you a new way of life ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY for you and your family through Monolit House Invest Ltd. A dream that can become reality.

Days Celebrated


22 Martie 1998
The signing of the firm s first contract for the first construction of log shall not calibrated.


29 Iunie 1998
End of report of receipt-handover of the first construction leaving the gate our factory.

first of all quality

Our advantage is the quality You ll wonder probably makes us so Special? With what Diferim New of many firms?where appears Quality Construction?
Our advantage is the quality You ll wonder probably what makes us so special? What makes the diference between us and other firms?Where does the build quality intervenes? Everything as in real life starts from the root, in our case the fir, the raw material. Mountains Siriu, mountainous area from where we purchase our fir is one of the very few areas with fir trees of quality.With all that there are many areas where the logs of fir have a price far below the standard we prefer to bring you the fir from our area even if the price is higher.

The second advantage on which we overcome our competition is the time. In our company we build each house with care by assigning them enough time that the result will be the expected one. Monolit House Invest SRL construction represents quality.