11.05.2001. We have started production at the furniture for the garden

The recreation area between house and garden is an area that shall be arranged according to your personality and your needs.

In order to help you, our company currently construct on to request depending on the customer's needs and wishes, various models of log gazebos, garden boxes, pergole,terraces and filigorii, jardinière for floral arrangements, all made of solid wood.

Gazebos there are places suitable for you to relax, to eat , to receive visitors. They are made of round fir wood, may cover absolute any desired .Wood is treated with a whater based paints and varnishs that gives the wood durability in time.

Can be rectangular, hexagonal or square orthogonal.are located in the area garden or near the house.are independent structures and opened on all sides. Garden Houses are made from fir wood , can be used both for relaxation in gardens, as well as the storage space for tools . Pergolele are decorative items that can be used to decorate spaces. Our company can build on demand Original models adapted for the space which they are designed.The space around your house can be an oasis of relaxation and a place where you can enjoy nature. Everything to spend your free time comfortably in the open air.

What's New

09.10.2013. Delivery, fitting and putting into service of the first shop artizenat from Bran.

09.10.2013 After 4 days of arrival declined at the factory, we can say that we are proud of our first store of objects craft.construction, location as well as products displayed into the shop in the area Hardy gives us an image that we are proud of our achievement.

20.08.2013. Turnkey the entire camping French Champagne

After a period of more than two months of hard work, in an area with climate very different from our climate daily and at temperatures above 35 degrees, we can get down to the operation to be tightened tools.in front of us lies mandrul described therein and beautiful Camping Champagne

12.05.20123. Their arrival at the place of destination of the caravan campingului lorries loaded with content.

After four days of the main beam headlights our coming in the twilight series at the place of destination.It is an evening calm and Starry nightlight.tomorrow we begin unloading operation and fitting.We are waiting for a long period of work away from your loved ones, but we hope that by the end we will have a fitting satisfaction well deserved crown. .

09.05.2013. His departure from the factory of French Champagne

09.05.2013 Arrival trucks for loading campingului what should be fitted in French area Champagne