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About us

Our work speaks for itself , we will build the best home possible for you, a house you'll be proud of for years to come and house where you can relax and rest, a eco-friendly house, natural and safe.

Within our company we build each house with care by allocating enough time that the result will be the expected one. Negot Lucian,the owner is personally involvedin the construction of each house , being assisted by talented workers who have learned how to build these houses from cutting and peeling trees up to assemble logs, each part of the process of building being important and our staff find pride in there job. Monolith Log Homes symbolizes quality.

Availability, integrity and high quality of services are Monolith Log homes abilities. We are specialized in log houses manually worked .You can chose a project already constructed by us or we can help you to design a new one, each Monolith Log homes house is different from each other. Together with our architects, we can build your home, that the place where you will live truly reflect your taste and style.

Our company is located in the city Patarlagele, Buzau county on the national highway 10 at 56 kilometers from Buzau city and 100 kilometers from Brasov city. We are waiting for you to visit us and to see how these houses are constructed.

What is a perfect home?

Our response is simple:massive round log house, processed only by hand.

Why wood?

In addition to the special appearance of this houses totally different from the boring houses from concrete and brick, wood adjust the climate of internal living space naturally, stabilizes atmospheric moisture, it is the best natural thermal insulating material. It is nonpolluting, has a particularly elasticity. In addition, the achievement of a structure in solid wood involves costs with 30-40% smaller in comparison with a structure of masonry with floors of reinforced concrete.

In the illustration you can see the report thickness - thermal insulation for the most important construction material in relation to wood logs

Our Equipment

The construction in our factory, it shall be carried out only by hand, helped by chainsaws without using other implements.
Where you can build?

Wooden houses are perfect for mountain landscape ,but also in the green suburbs of big citys and not only to there, this type of house are the most suitable for a holiday house, mountain hotel and why not residence where you and your family can enjoy the warmth and feel of relaxation for which the wood is well-known. Houses that are carried out in this technology are not only much more elegant than commonplace houses of concrete but they offer upper termic comfort shield and have a higher degree of stability against earthquakes.
In the house carried out in Monolit Log Homes technology, summer will have pleasant coolness af a fir forest, and winter, heat generated by wood will decrease invoices .